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Canada and New England

New England in the fall. It’s all about the nature, the colours, the beauty, and it brings you some of America’s most beautiful towns and cities too. Continue north along Canada’s eastern seaboard for a feast of nature and history.

For the best of contrasts consider flying to New York City spending a couple of days there if you have the time, soaking up the action, the shopping, night life and bustle of one of the world’s most exciting cities. Then relax in the sublime luxury of a cruise ship as you travel north past the quaint New England towns and villages, perhaps stopping at the university city of Boston where you can get to see its wonderful landmark buildings within an easy journey of the port.


Boston’s Freedom Trail is only a two and a half mile walk, but takes you to see 16 key buildings of national importance to the shaping of the America we know today, Boston being the place where the infamous Tea Party kicked off and started the American Revolution that led to its independence from Britain. And the Black Heritage Trail traces the lives of the African American community including private homes still lived in today.


Just a little further north in Maine you’re likely to visit Bar Harbour, a soaring granite coast that climbs to the wonderfully named Cadillac Mountain and leads into the romantic and natural Acadia National Park which offers over 50 square miles of hiking terrain and the chance to spot creatures such as the white tailed deer and bald eagle.

If New York is the pulsating hub of America, then Maine is where its people like to head out for a calmer, more relaxing time to absorb the natural beauty before heading back to the city.

While in Maine try to sample some great local seafood, often fresh from the sea. Baked lobster is a well-known dish that has lobster tail and shrimp baked together and is fantastic washed down with a crisp white wine.


After Maine you’re in Canadian waters and the province of Nova Scotia, or New Scotland, and indeed when you arrive at Halifax, the principal city you are quite likely to be welcomed off the boat by a piper in full tartans. Halifax is a modern city with strong links to the past, and has a vibrant culture with many festivals through the year.

On Newfoundland you are likely to land at St John’s, one of the oldest cities in America, with the charm of the past and the comfort of the present day. Wander the gorgeous streets of St John’s with its colourful clapboard houses on narrow streets designed for horse and cart rather than modern cars.

Then after the Scottish influence of Nova Scotia dive deep into old France in Quebec, where the old town, or Vieux Quebec is a World Heritage site complete with its own chateau.

New England and Canada offer a world of natural delights that are perfect to visit from the luxury of a cruise ship, especially as much of the areas have developed around their ports. Many of the great cruise lines offer interesting itineraries that give you an insight into this historic American coast.

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