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Northern Europe

On cruises to Northern Europe you’ll find yourself swept up in a world of Vikings and seafaring history, modern Scandinavian cuisine and fashionable cities, grand architecture resplendent in all colours of the rainbow and peaceful, beautiful landscapes ranging from empty beaches to fjords. The charming region encompasses a wide band of Europe, ranging from London in the west to Russia in the east.

Many cruises to Northern Europe start near London, in the city of Southampton, famous for its maritime history and as the home of Cunard and P&O cruise lines.

From here you’ll have an easy journey into London, where you can immerse yourself in the history of one of the world’s most prominent capital cities. With an instantly recognisable skyline, you can see all the sights for yourself: the tower that houses Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the slowly-rotating wheel of the London Eye. Strolls along the River Thames will take you along the galleries and museums of the Embankment and past the Houses of Parliament.

In stark contrast to the austere architecture of London, the countries of Scandinavia offer a colourful stop on any Northern Europe cruise itinerary. Many cruises start at finish in Copenhagen, the Danish capital. The style-centric city is home to a number of the world’s best restaurants, making it a surprising culinary hotspot, purveying the very best in new Scandinavian cuisine from restaurants like Noma, frequently lauded as the world’s number one. From open sandwiches topped with seafood and field-fresh vegetables, to quintessentially Danish pork roast served with caramelised potatoes and gravy, Danish food is hearty and healthy to keep its residents warmed through cold winters. Its residents, however, are in no way as chilly as its weather, famously welcoming to outsiders keen to explore. They’ll tell you the best way to see.

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