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British Isles Cruises

We know the British Isles very well – in fact, our very first office is located in the south of England! That’s one reason why we love a British Isles cruise so much – it’s all part of our heritage! Great Britain and neighbouring Ireland offer spectacular scenery that looks even better from the sea, just check out those White Cliffs of Dover as you sail through the English Channel! UK cruises take in ports that are prominent in the countries’ maritime history: Glasgow, Liverpool, Southampton and of course London, accessed by the port of Harwich.

Great Britain is a densely populated group of islands and individual countries: England is rolling dales and cosmopolitan cities; Wales is wild valleys and forested parks; Scotland offers snowy highlands and watery lochs (lakes); while Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have plenty of history to discover, striking coastal landmarks and a friendly population. 

Because the area is so small you’re rarely more than a few hours from the sea, so most of the sights are easily accessible within short distances. UK cruises allow longer periods ashore so you’ll be lucky enough to see the sights that make Britain and Ireland such fascinating and rewarding places to explore, rich in history, culture and natural beauty.

Scotland and her outlying islands is also a fabulous cruise destination – with so many islands strung out around the coastline they are much more easily visited on a cruise. The west coast of Scotland is a mass of islands and sea lochs where the mountains often plunge straight down into the sea. Many cruises stop off at Greenock, the gateway to Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city and a vibrant cosmopolitan hub. If the hustle and bustle of Glasgow seems all too much then take a tour into the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park, ideal for cycling and hiking in the fresh air and natural scenery. Sail further north along the rugged coastline passing the Western Isles and the north coast and eventually you’ll reach the Orkneys and the picture postcard capital of Kirkwall. This is wild country indeed and of scientific interest both for its geology and migrating bird life.

It’s very common for a British Isles cruise to call at the port of Southampton on the south coast. From here you’ll have no problem getting into London to see all the fantastic sights of the capital, like Buckingham Palace and the shopping on Bond Street. Travel into the rolling countryside of the Cotswolds and you can explore Shakespeare’s birthplace and picturesque villages like Bibury, or travel to Stonehenge to see the eerie ancient standing stones.

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