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World Cruises

When it comes to cruising, the world really is your oyster. Water makes up more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, so travelling by ship makes sense, as you can experience many ports of call in comfort without the hassle of lengthy overland transfers or flights. 

A round the world cruise can sail up the east coast of Africa and explore the Indian Ocean before touring the Middle East and cutting through the Suez Canal to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Here a range of beautiful ports await; from the romantic elegance of Italy; the sun-beaten, whitewashed glamour of Greece; the rustic charm of Croatia and the sultry, historic sights of Turkey. In Spain you can stroll among peaceful alleys and look up at Gaudi’s architecture, while on the French coast sip deliciously chilled wines overlooking the bobbing superyachts of the Riviera. 

There are even chances to head further afield, with some of the most popular world cruise sectors sailing across the Indian Ocean via Mauritius to the cosmopolitan ports of Australia and New Zealand. Explore a whole new world ‘down under’ before embarking on a discovery tour of the Far East. Many cruises stop in glittering Shanghai, futuristic Singapore, neon-lit South Korea, foodie favourite Hong Kong and Laem Chabang, offering access to Bangkok. Allow your taste buds to be tantalised by all of the deliciously fragrant cuisine and make sure you take plenty of photographs – this part of the world is packed with natural and man-made beauty. 

Take a transatlantic voyage to meet the Statue of Liberty at sunrise or glide around the Arabian Gulf on a local cruise that takes in familiar sights from a new perspective. Wherever you want to go, the world is waiting.

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