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There really is nowhere on earth like Australia. This is a massive island with a relatively small population where pretty much everything happens around the coast – it’s just perfect for a cruise destination.

The people are known for their laid back way of life – until it comes to sport of course when suddenly the obsessions kick in. It seems they have it all – a beautiful country, rich in natural resources, an amazing coastline which includes the stunning Great Barrier Reef, and unique wildlife too.


Imagine the thrill and excitement of sailing into the amazing Sydney Harbour with its iconic Opera House glinting in the sunshine to greet you, then on under the harbour bridge. You will have seen it on so many films, and now could be your opportunity to experience it for real.

Sydney is known for its fantastic restaurants, its beach focused life style and of course surfing. If you’re lucky you may be sitting at a beach front restaurant when the dolphins swim by! And further out to sea you may well see whales as well.

The Great Barrier Reef

Travel north to the Whitsundays, a group of 74 islands at the heart of the famous Great Barrier Reef and you’ll be convinced you’ve arrived in paradise. If you love the water then there is possibly no better place in the world to do a little snorkelling, where you’ll be surrounded by a myriad of colourful fish and exciting beautiful coral. But if you’re not keen on getting that wet then a tour in a glass bottomed boat, or a catamaran designed with a viewing platform will bring you almost as close.

New Guinea, Pago Pago and Fiji are all part of many itineraries that will help you to create a trip you’ll probably remember forever. And if that’s still not enough – how about cruising on to New Zealand?

Many of the major cruise lines offer Australia holidays with a wide variety of itineraries so you’ll be able to find the trip that best matches your desires.

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