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Cruise Norway

One of the most stunning places on earth, cruises to Norway create memories that last a lifetime. Replete with natural wonders and fascinating history, sail in the wake of the Vikings and enjoy the unique culture that Norway offers.

Cruise the awe-inspiring fjords of Norway, passing dramatic waterfalls, pretty villages and crystal clear inlets. Norway’s amazing scenery also means it’s a fantastic place to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking. 

Cruise Norway and discover beautiful cities such as Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. What Norway’s capital lacks in big city sights it makes up for with its urban parks and sprawling countryside. There are also many places to learn more about the history of Norway such as the waterfront Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum. A fjord cruise in Norway is very likely to visit the gateway to the fjords, Bergen, a pretty medieval city. In the South of Norway you’ll find Stavanger, a charming city that is home to the famous Pulpit Rock, just another of the stunning cliff formations this ancient landscape has to offer. 

The Northern Lights

An highlight of many cruises to Norway is the opportunity to see the Northern Lights, an amazing natural phenomenon that sees bands of vibrant colours blaze across the clear night sky. In the town of Alta you’ll find the world’s first Northern Lights Observatory and that paired with its nickname of ‘The Town of the Northern Lights’ suggests it’s a good place to try and see the allusive Aurora Borealis. Another amazing sight you might view during a cruise to Norway is the midnight sun, when the country remains bathed in sunlight at the stroke of midnight. 

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