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China: Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (Formerly Pneumonia Outbreak in Wuhan City)

You may have seen media reports about an outbreak of a new type of virus in China known as the Novel Coronavirus.

The risk is primarily located in Wuhan, and the World Health Organisation (WHO) does not currently recommend any specific health measures for travel. But here’s a quick overview so you can stay in the know.


What is it?
Coronaviruses are a large family of respiratory viruses. The source of this new virus is not yet known.


What are the symptoms?
In this particular case, the virus can cause pneumonia and respiratory problems. Typical respiratory symptoms include fever, coughing and a shortness of breath. These can progress to pneumonia symptoms including difficulty in breathing.


What is the risk of infection?
Very low. Currently there are only a handful of reported cases outside of China. However, WHO does warn that the heavy population movements expected over Chinese New Year may increase the risk of cases being reported from elsewhere.


What should I do?
Don’t panic. The current advice from the World Health Authority is for no restriction on travel to Wuhan or any other city. Take the usual precautions to prevent disease or infections being spread, including:

  • avoiding close contact with people suffering from acute respiratory infections
  • washing your hands frequently, especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment
  • avoiding close contact with live or dead farm or wild animals
  • practising good etiquette (maintain your distance when coughing, cover your mouth, and sneeze into a disposable tissue which you should throw into the trash after use)
  • wearing masks and/or gloves if you choose to do so

If you are concerned about your own health, please seek advice immediately from your doctor and ensure you advise of them of any recent travel you have undertaken.

The most trusted information and advice can be found on the World Health Organisation website.

View the travel advice in full here:

Info for customers travelling to Dubai

Following recent events in Iran, we have taken the foreign office lead and currently there is no advice against travel to the UAE.  All cruises, flights and ground travel arrangements are operating as normal. 

We are carefully monitoring the situation, with assistance from our associates in the area sending daily updates and will inform all customers of any changes or any necessary amendments to travel arrangements. 

Please be assured that you will be met by our local staff on arrival in resort and they will be on hand during your stay in Dubai. 


Info for customers travelling to Australia

The ABTA Destinations team continue to monitor the bushfires affecting various regions of Australia.

Australia continues to battle serious bushfires across multiple regions and the advice to those in or near an affected area, continues to be;  to stay safe, monitor TV news, radio and social media channels for updates, and follow the instructions and advice of local authorities.

Whilst Bushfires are currently affecting some parts of Australia there are many regions across the continent that remain unaffected. In order to assist travellers to obtain the most up-to-date information for their planned itinerary Tourism Australia, in consultation with the State tourism offices, has created a Bushfire Information page on their website

This page contains information about the key tourism regions in Australia that have been affected by the bushfires and will be updated daily.